07 January 2013

History and General Setting Info

This post will mostly be about the general historical information. There's a few ideas I wanted to get down before going any further with the setting factions and politics. It's really rough, but it's just a start. I'll be refining and adding more as I flesh out more of the setting. It's all still a work-in-progress, but I should be updating this section more in the next couple of days, along with some of the nations and other factions.

The Ancients

The Ancients lived thousands of years ago. No one knows how long ago they lived or what happened to them. They have ruins dotted all over Taladar, but most of the ruins are in poor condition. Despite the sorry condition of most of the Ancients' artifacts, skilled mages and archaeologists have been able to recover some remarkable information from them. Chief among these is the development of the voidships. A ruin was discovered deep in the forests of the western continent of Taladar that contained a nearly-intact voidship. Disassembled by a team of arcane researchers, the secrets of its construction were unraveled over the course of several years.


Voidships are perhaps the most revolutionary discovery in the past century, rivaled only by the development of the Forged. Though airships had existed for several decades before the discovery of the Ancients' ship, the first true voidship changed the course of every sentient being on Taladar. Air and void travel has become a way of life for captains who had grown tired of the seas or those who simply sought a new way of life.
Airships and voidships exists in all sizes, from the truly massive colony ships to single-person reconnaissance ships. The most common are the galleon-sized ships, built for trading and ferrying passengers around the system.


The current age is measured from the end of the saurian empire. The current year is 1129. Taladar's year is 336 days long, with 12 months of 28 days each. The years of the other planets differ, though time keeping devices based on the Taladar scale exist on most voidships and colonies.

Year 1 – The talans overthrow the saurian empire after more than a decade of war.
Year 8 – The talans found the nation of Thesala.

Year 1047 – A team of archaeologists stumbles upon an Ancient temple that has a chamber filled with the shells of the Forged.
Year 1049 – The first modern Forged is created by human mages and given the name of Prometheus.
Year 1078 – The talans discover the Ancients' derelict voidship.
Year 1082 – The first flight of the Phoenix occurs. It orbits Taladar and lands a small team on the moon, Peralar, which is discovered to be uninhabitable.
Year 1083 – The Phoenix lands on Vela and begins the first colony, Seklan.
Year 1084 – The first colony on Athelas, Caron, is founded by saurian explorers.
Year 1129 – Current year.

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