04 February 2013

Savage 40K - Part Two

Continuing my conversion of the Warhammer 40K RPGs to Savage Worlds, I've got some more Edges and some gear ideas for Space Marines. I've refined the Librarian edge and added it to the category of Specialty Edges. Later, I'll be adding in Advanced Specialty Edges to handle things like Chaplains, Masters of the Forge, and Captains.

I'm also working on a gear list; while Savage Worlds doesn't normally place a lot of emphasis on gear, Space Marines have strong connections to their gear, particularly their weapons, armor, and Chapter relics. Since that's the case, I plan on putting a bit more emphasis on gear than I would normally for Savage Worlds.

After this, I'll be working on the Chapter Edges. I'm not really sure how to implement these, but they'll probably be similar to the Specialty Edges. I may include a Hindrance with them, like the Blood Angels' Black Rage/Red Thirst, that fits with the Chapters. The Chapters I'd like to make Edges for include the following:
Blood Angels
Imperial Fists
Space Wolves
Iron Hands
Raven Guard
White Scars
Dark Angels
Soul Drinkers
Flesh Tearers
Black Templars
Carcharodons (Space Sharks)
Crimson Fists

Character Creation

Creating a  Space Marine character for Savage 40K uses the normal character creation rules for Savage Worlds with a few alterations. In addition to the normal gains any character receives, Space Marines also choose one Specialty Edge and one Chapter Edge. They also receive standard issue gear according to their specialty, in addition to the standard gear every Space Marine receives.

Standard Gear: Bolt pistol, combat knife, three grenades, one Chapter Trapping.

Specialty Edges

These edges can only be taken at character creation. They reflect a Space Marine's specialization in combat. Space Marines can only take one Specialty Edge, and certain Chapters may prohibit certain specialties.

Requirements - Novice, Smarts d6+
Space Marine Apothecaries are primarily battlefield medics, though they are just as combat capable as any other Space Marine. They carry the narthecium, a device that acts as a medical tool and allows the Apothecary to remove a Space Marine's progenoid glands upon their death in order to return the Space Marine's geneseed to his Chapter.
Effects - Apothecaries gain a +2 bonus to the Healing skill.
Standard Gear - Narthecium, bolter.

Assault Marine
Requirements - Novice, Agility d6+
Assault Marines are close-combat specialists who often use jump packs to attack from the air. They tend to close with the enemy to take advantage of their strength and devastating weaponry.

Effects: When using jump packs, Assault Marines can add up to 12” to their Pace instead of the normal 6”.
Standard Gear: Chainsword, jump pack

Devastator Marine
Requirements - Novice, Strength d10+
Devastator Marines are heavy weapon specialists. They use powerful, long-range weapons to wreak hellish destruction on their enemies.
Effects: Devastator Marines reduce the penalty for shooting at ranges beyond close by half, so a medium-range shot would be at -1 instead of -2, and long-range shots take a -2 penalty instead of -4.
Standard Gear: Heavy Bolter, backpack-mounted ammo supply.

Librarian (Arcane Background)

Arcane Skill - Psyker (Smarts)
Power Points - 10
Starting Powers - 3
Astartes Librarians are specially-trained psykers experienced in delving into the raw power of the warp to fuel their psychic powers.
Warp Backlash - When a Librarian rolls a 1 on his Psyker die (regardless of the Wild Die), he is automatically Shaken. On a critical failure, he rolls on the Warp Backlash table (currently in progress, mostly being based off of FFG's Deathwatch Warp Events and Perils of the Warp tables).
Standard Gear: Force weapon.

Tactical Marine
Requirements: Novice
Tactical Marines are general combat specialists who use the Emperor's holy bolter to rain death and destruction on the enemies of the Imperium.
Effects: Tactical Marines may use regular ranged weapons in close-quarters combat, though the standard rules for ranged weapons in close combat still apply. This does not allow the Tactical Marine to use heavy weapons in close combat, however.
Standard Gear: Bolter, 1 clip of special ammunition of 25 Requisition or less (the Tactical Marine must still meet Renown requirements for this ammunition).

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
Techmarines are the artificers and mechanics of the Space Marines. They are charged with maintaining and repairing all Space Marine equipment, including their weapons, armor, and vehicles.
Effects: Techmarines can take the Repair skill and gain a +2 to Repair tests.
Standard Gear: Bolter, Servo-arm.

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