04 January 2013

They Came From the Stars - Introduction

This blog is primarily going to serve as my online notebook that will detail my process of creating and refining the roleplaying game setting, They Came From the Stars. Any stats or mechanics will be designed around the Savage Worlds roleplaying game system from Pinnacle Entertainment. However, I'd like most of the information on this blog to revolve around the fluff or non-system specific setting content.

My initial concept for They Came From the Stars combines several ideas and themes I found in other works: science fantasy, using magic to travel from planet to planet, an alien invasion, and a theme of exploration and discovery. While the alien invasion is going to be the focus of a Plot Point campaign I'll be working on, I'd also like the setting to support more than just one style of play. I'd like to incorporate enough variety in the setting to support exploration, epic or legendary level gaming, and standard dungeon crawling, as well as any other styles of play that gamers want to explore.

This setting has a wide variety of inspirations. I'll list the main inspirations here.
Eberron (Dungeons & Dragons setting)
Spelljammer (Dungeons & Dragons setting)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (video game)
The Indiana Jones series
The X-Files

More info to come shortly!

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